week one

In reviewing Telsaan’s first week of business since opening on April 29, 2015, I have to say that I am ineffably grateful to a lot of people. More people than I can name, in fact. I am grateful to a number of people whom I have recently met, but I neglected to exchange names with some of them. There are also hundreds of people that I knew before this past week who have given me their time, skills, spirit, and emotional support in opening Telsaan. Thank you, everyone! Thank you, also, to the many people I am meeting in the future.

There are already some changes, and I knew that there would be.  The shop’s hours have been tweaked slightly. Tuesday evening is being cut short by an hour, and Saturday night is being extended by an hour.

Telsaan’s menu is now version 1.2. Some items have been clarified, only a couple of things were removed, my handwritten revisions are now typed, and something else has been added. I wrote down my recipes from last week, which may be surprising to anyone who knows my cooking style, so the food this week should be fairly consistent with last week.

Soon there will be a sign outside the building that replaces the old Italian restaurant sign. There may be a sign inside the building in the hallway, too. I’m working on my next tea order, too, so if anyone has any requests please contact me in whatever manner suits you.