month one

Telsaan is approaching its one month anniversary at the end of May. Perhaps it’s a bit early to be posting a “month one” blog, but “week three” just doesn’t sound quite right. This month has seen Telsaan’s first Game Night (Fri, 5/15/15), menu version 1.2, a great article in the Mount Horeb Mail (many, many thanks to Matt!), and five requests for smoothies already. I’m not ready to promise any smoothies yet

As you may have guessed, there is another round of changes. Menu version 1.3 will be out shortly. 16 new items are debuting this week!!! Nilgiri Frost oolong, Se Zhong oolong, Blueberry herbal blend, Mango white tea, The Tropical Zone black tea, Mugicha, Chamomile, decaffeinated Indian green tea, Bancha (from Japan), Detox herbal blend, Circulation herbal blend, Schisandra berry, Cocoa Nibs, Granulated Honey, Cardamom Pods, and Cinnamon Sticks. Another game night will be scheduled for approximately the end of this month.

That’s about it for now. As always, suggestions snd feedback are welcome. I’m looking forward to seeing you.