I made spice cookies today. Or test cookies. Whichever. It’s the first batch that I’ve made for consumers. I’ve resisted doing any baking at telsaan for six months, but now I think that it will be good if I start moving away from sweets that are not made in-house. This first batch is not perfect, but it’s not bad, and it’s vegan.

That last paragraph comes with the realization that telsaan has been open for six months. Six months! It feels like years, and like no time at all.

I’m sorry to everyone whose names I’m still struggling to remember… ;; My memory is fallible at best. The confusion of opening a business has left a lot of gaps and disconnects in my recollections. I still find myself seeing faces of people I’ve met, but I just can’t remember who they are, how I know them, or how they know me. I can’t remember conversations that I’ve had with my friends. I forget things that I’m supposed to do every day. It’s frustrating and surreal. Please be patient with me. You mean a lot to me if you have read this far. :)

– Erin

Update 10 Nov 2015: I made another batch if cookies today. They turned out pretty well. I’m going to stick with this recipe for a bit.
spice cookies