rant: stop ruining my stuff

WARNING: uncomfortable topics.

Let me preface this with a statement that this month, overall, has been great. That said, I still have something to gripe about. In the last two weeks I’ve had two infuser bottles stolen (ladies, that was you, one black bittle and one gray), drunks, and now my holiday decorations are missing.

Stealing $40+ worth of merchandise from a business as small as this is a more significant loss than you know. Bring them back or pay me for them. And taking my holiday decorations last night? Seriously??? What a way to start my morning! If you’re drunk and thinking about coming into my shop, just stay out. You mess up my stuff, you spill coffee on my cups and lids so I have to throw them out, and you simply cost me more than that cup of coffee you bought is worth. Just stay out. Come back when you’re sober.

Anyways, I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks over the holidays. This gives you a chance to return my stuff without having to explain yourselves. Just put them safely on the shelves of my cafe tables in the hallway and I’ll take care of them when I get back.

Alternatively, if you want to keep my stuff, each bottle with tax is $23.21. The holiday decorations would cost about $10 to replace. Just slide an envelope with the money under my door.

Happy holidays, everyone. This rant does not apply to most of you.

Update 2016 Jan 26: Now missing two bags of coffee, $7.00 each. Please pay me for these.