Newest Teas: Candy Cane black tea, Anise seed, Ashwagandha root, a very nice Jade Snail green tea, Almond oolong tea, and scrumptious Chocolate Hazelnut yerba mate.

Newest Coffee: fair trade, organic, single-origin, FoNC certified, coffee from Quindio, Colombia. This wonderful coffee is from Cafe Social, a small family business based in Madison, WI and Armenia, Quindio, Colombia.

Newest Wares: cast iron teapots (Tetsubin!!! :D), red ceramic teapots and matching cups, pink and red ceramic mugs with lids and infusers. I, um, was definitely thinking about Valentine’s Day. I mean, just imagine sitting down, wrapping your fingers securely around the warmth of a ceramic mug, inhaling deeply the smells of home and happiness, and making that moment yours. That’d be so nice… That’s why we give people tea and mugs for Valentine’s Day. It makes them feel good.

Discontinued Teas 15% off: roasted Kukicha green tea, Chunmee green tea, Bancha green tea, Young Hysson green tea, standard Oolong tea, Se Zhong oolong tea, Shu Mee white tea, Darjeeling Poobong second flush black tea, Assam Tirupati first flush black tea, Ginkgo leaves.

Events: Game Night (Sat. Jan. 16, 2016, 18:00-23:00, board games, cards games, et cetera). New in 2016 – Drawing Board (weekly, Thursdays, 16:00-19:00, open time to draw, sketch, and color).

Specials: menu version 2.3 came out on Jan. 7, 2016; new item is Couscous Beta salad. “Tea for Two” special runs Jan. 19 – Feb. 19: two hot teas and six cookies for five dollars. Also, “Coffee for Two”.