tutorial: online shop

Yep. It’s kinda screwy. I know that, but I can’t fix it right now. Here’s how to use telsaan’s online store.

shop online: mkt.com/telsaan

Shippable Stuff: loose leaf tea, bulk coffee, sugars, herbs, spices, tea infusers, small wares, gift certificates.

Pick-up Only: food, beverages, tea wares, special event admissions, catering.

What if I want both? Do two separate orders: shipping order and pick-up order.

Waitjustaminutenow… there are things online that are not on the current menu. Yep. Sometimes that’s okay, sometimes not. Just ask.

Shipping Instructions – Coffee: specify in the notes section how you would like your coffee ground, or if you’d prefer whole bean. If you don’t say anything, then I’ll assume whole bean.

Shipping Instructions – Tea Bags: these are individually prepared, hand-tied tea sachets intended, for the most part, to be samples. These are not to be confused with a box of “Wares – Infuser – 100 Paper Filters”. Specify in the notes section which type of tea you would like in these bags.

Shipping Instructions – General: if this is a gift you can include a message for the recipient. Put this information in the notes section when you are ordering.

Pick-up Instructions: no special instructions are needed for loose leaf tea, sugars, herbs, spices, tea infusers, small wares, gift certificates, tea wares, special event admissions.

Pick-up Instructions – Coffee and Tea Bags: see shipping instructions.

Pick-up Instructions – Gifts: provide gift wrapping instructions.

Pick-up Instructions – Food, Beverages, Catering: call me! nine 2 zero 47 two 9 four 51. I need to know when to expect you, some details that don’t come across well online, and catering requires some planning.

Special Situations: contact me. Some stuff can’t be done online now, no matter how much I’d like it to be fixed. Call or email your order and I’ll email you an invoice that can be paid online.