teavana closing

Hello, Telsaan customers!

We want to keep you aware of news in the tea industry. Teavana in Madison is officially closing their doors on Sunday, January 7, 2018. This is a significant move in our industry and is reflective of many changes in retail and socioeconomic factors in our culture. There are many people who found their love for loose leaf tea at Teavana, and have since found their way to our cozy tea store, too.

We stock tea from several distributors as well as making our own custom creations. Telsaan is special because we have really good loose leaf tea at fair prices. We have an amazing selection and a comfortable small town atmosphere. Loose leaf tea is something you can enjoy every day. We have blends which you will find nowhere else. We make them right here in Mount Horeb. Our Herbal Chai blend is so good we just can’t seem to make enough of it!

We also offer room to relax with a variety of new and classic board games. We have a great space for meetings, clubs, and classes. Send an email to telsaan@gmail.com to reserve space for your organization.

We’ve seen a number of Teavana customers feeling lost and not knowing where to turn for tea. Let your friends and family know we are here. We also do online ordering with $3.50 flat rate shipping. We appreciate all of your support for our small business here in Mount Horeb and can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!