menu 5.0

New menu version 5.0 came out this weekend. It’s a simplified version of menu 4.0, with more emphasis on catering tea parties rather than walk-in orders. This is part of a changeover that we’ve been strategizing for a while. Our intention is to provide you with a great loose leaf tea experience.

Some things that are different:

Couscous, spring rolls, peanut vermicelli, and the Johnwich have been removed from the walk-in menu. Reasoning: Telsaan is designed to offer you loose leaf tea. A full restaurant kitchen would allow us to prepare these food items for you with the promptness that you expect, but that would turn our tea shop into a restaurant instead. We strive to provide you with a wonderful loose leaf tea experience.

Espresso has been completely removed from the beverage menu. Reasoning: I feel I’ve confused customers into thinking that Telsaan is a coffee shop rather than a loose leaf tea store. I did not intend this, and I’m going to focus on giving you a great loose leaf tea experience.

The catering menu has been given greater priority. Reasoning: our trial Tea Tasting Parties went well this winter and we’re looking forward to hosting more tea parties. The printed catering menu is an abbreviated version; we’re open to discussing other catering menu options if you have something specific in mind.

The menu will continue to evolve just as the rest of Telsaan Tea Shop does. We’re looking forward to helping groups with tea fundraisers and tea parties. More house tea blends are in development, too.

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