Change Happens

We’ve really been focusing on our business as a specialty loose leaf tea retail store lately. You’ll notice that there are more pre-packaged teas on our shelves now. These are many of our most popular teas. They’re easy and quick for you to grab and go. They also make it simpler to order different quantities of tea online.

Speaking of online, we’ll have to raise our shipping charge soon. :( Our $3.50 flat rate shipping will increase to $5.00 around the middle of March. This change comes from increased postal rates and the cost of boxes and shipping materials. On the upside, those pre-packaged teas we just mentioned reduce your online price for most of our popular teas when you get sizes that are 50-200g. So for most online orders, your overall price is about the same, possibly lower. :)

We’re also gonna take a big step and attend some local markets this summer. That’ll be exciting. Our market schedule isn’t confirmed yet, but we’ll get that posted when we know which markets we’ll for sure be at.

We’re coming up on four-year anniversary in a couple of months. Thanks for all of your support and referrals! <3