Four Years

The end of April marked our 4-year anniversary since opening Telsaan Tea in 2015. When we started, we had only half as many types of tea as we do now. Our logo has changed, we’ve done some remodeling, and we got a few wonderful part-time employees to help balance work and life. Our mission is still the same, though. We’re here to help you have a happy, healthy, beautiful life.

Some of our favorite stories from customers over the years have been about their significant life changes. People have reduced their daily sugary beverages in favor of iced tea. Families have come together over the evening ritual of a hot cup of tea. One person even told us that she was drinking our tea when her fiance proposed to her!

We’re looking forward to this coming year. We’ll be attending some local markets and festivals. We recently began a monthly tea sampler subscription service. And our website and online have finally been mostly updated, at least until we decide to work on it again.

Thank you, everyone. You’ve really made this project of opening and maintaining a loose leaf tea store a great experience.