My Teatime

Teatime with toast, jam, and a blue teapot

When I get home in the afternoon I make tea for myself. It’s a great time to focus on what’s important to me. I think of a few things that I want to get done before the day is over, and I take a few steps toward my goals. This is a pretty typical teatime scene at my house.

It may just be tea for me, but there are a lot of other people represented in this photo. My sister gave me the tea infuser that I’ve been using for years. My mother gave me the teapot, one that she has had since college. My boyfriend made me this wonderful breakfast tray that I’ve used for many teatimes and breakfasts in bed. Let’s top it off with some strawberry jam from my lovely friends at the Verona Artists and Farmers Market! For me, teatime gets me back to the things that are really important.

Today’s Loose Leaf Tea: Pu-Erh

Today I’m drinking pu-erh tea. Yunnan province in China is particularly famous for producing wonderful pu-erh tea. It’s full of rich umami flavors with notes that are reminiscent of damp fall leaves, leather, figs, and walnuts. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not to everyone’s taste! I love it, though. I love how smooth and earthy it is. It makes me feel mellow and calm.