Welcome Baby Sage

Welcome to the world, baby girl Sage! Last month I had my first child. I also celebrated five years since I started my business. And I’ve been navigating both of these wonderful life events in the middle of a confusing global pandemic. It seems like a crazy combination, but I know that I’m just one of many small business owners who has had a similar experience lately.

I don’t have the words to say how grateful I am to my team who has helped me keep my business running over the last month. We’ve had to pivot abruptly, changing our training and our scheduling. My team has been gracious throughout it all.

Our customers have been fantastic, too. Change is hard, and I’ve been glad to see that many people have been thoughtful and aware of the people around them in the midst of the change that we’ve all been through. Before I started Telsaan Tea I thought that it was an exaggeration when businesses said that they had the best customers, but now I get it. We totally have the best customers!

I also thought it was an exaggeration when parents said that they had the cutest baby, but now I get that, too. I totally have the cutest baby. :)

Lots of love from us to you! Take care and be well!

-Erin J Ulrich

Erin and Sage