Tea Season in Wisconsin

Loose Leaf Tea Flavors

September is my favorite months for tea flavors. We’re at this beautiful time of the year when the days are warm and the nights are cool. Iced tea is still appropriate with all of those wonderful fruit flavors we all enjoyed over the summer; think Peach black tea, Apricot, Strawberry green tea, and everyone’s favorite herbal blend Blueberry. But when those evenings come around I turn to Spiced Apple, Cinnamon Orange, and a nice cup of Herbal Chai.

Backyard Afternoon Teatime

I enjoyed a bit of afternoon teatime in my backyard recently. I’m the type to who loves to be outside, and I take my tea with me, too. I had some iced rooibos sun tea, my mom’s chocolate zucchini bread (I seriously need to get her recipe), and one of my favorite local finds from Atoms to Apples. Things like this are why I love living in Wisconsin.

Back to School

Our students are adjusting to their new virtual class schedules. One or our teammates is off to colleges. We’re adding some more hours to our schedule at our bricks and mortar store, too. Wednesdays and Fridays are being extended 12pm-6pm. What a transitional time!

Take care and be well, everyone! -Erin