GAME NIGHTs – (Saturdays from 18:00-23:00) Oct 21, Nov 11, Dec 9, Jan TBA. – Bring any board/card/rp game or play one of ours. Anyone is welcome.
Essential Oils Class – (Sundays from 14:00-16:00) Oct 22, Nov 12, Dec 10 – Taught by Shannon Elliot-Chalgren, open to the public.


Telsaan has an open, versatile space with privately funded wi-fi for meetings and gatherings. Seating is available for up to 32 people. Please call ahead for groups (4+ people) or catering. Custom menu items can be arranged for catered events. In general, small groups can meet here without reservations, unless extended business hours or catering are needed.

Reservation Time
Business Hours
Extended Hours
Before 10:00
Before 08:00
After 22:00 (10:00 pm)
After 00:00 (midnight)
Holiday Surcharge


Note: minimum rate charged is one hour with half hour increments thereafter.

Events and Hours

Thanksgiving: 2017 Nov 22 (Wed) – 2017 Nov 23 (Thu)
Christmas and New Year: 2017 Dec 25 (Mon) – 2018 Jan 2 (Tue)

Here’s an article about Game Night from one of our gamers who happens to also be a writer.