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Food should always be good for you.

Telsaan Tea Shop has a selection of 140+ loose leaf teas, herbs, and spices, as well as bulk coffees and light snacks. The food menu changes. Some items are seasonally available. Telsaan is primarily a loose leaf tea shop; priority is given to loose leaf tea and bulk coffee orders. Click here for pricing at Telsaan’s online store. Call ahead with your order for groups (4+ people). This is a one person shop, so there will be times when you may have a bit of a wait.

Beverages: any of Telsaan’s teas and tisanes can be prepared hot or cold.
Snacks to go with your tea: fruit, salads, open-face sandwiches. Call or email for catering.

Note: While I try to keep my online presence up-to-date, there will still be some inconsistencies between what you find online and what you find in my shop.

Tea selections are posted on Telsaan’s online store at

Credit and debit cards only. No cash or checks.

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