menu and reflection 

Menu 2.1 came out on Saturday. Not much changed. Mostly cosmetic changes were made so that the layout makes more sense. The Johnwich is an official item now. Chrysanthemum Couscous is still a hidden special. Combinations were removed; they weren't being used much. I'm horrified and delighted that I'm 30 years old, and Telsaan is … Continue reading menu and reflection¬†



I thought I had already posted thus, but I guess I didn't. Telsaan has wi-fi. As of, like, a week ago. The upside of needing car maintenance is that I've been getting rides to work this week. I've been early to work two days in a row! (Update: three days.) Yeah, don't expect that to … Continue reading wi-fi


I've been reading about caffeine lately. Here's what I've learned so far (sorry about not citing my sources). + Tea is about 3% caffeine by dry weight. + Coffee is about 1-2% caffeine by dry weight. + Coffee by the cup generally contains more caffeine than tea by the cup because we use more coffee … Continue reading caffeine


In June Telsaan had its second Game Night, its two month anniversary, the addition of Lapsang Souchong smokey black tea, Cherry Rose green tea, and Strawberry Bruschetta as a temporary menu special. July has so far had seven new additions to the shelves: Strawberry Kiwi herbal blend (awesome iced), decaf Earl Grey black tea (first … Continue reading happenings