I've been reading about caffeine lately. Here's what I've learned so far (sorry about not citing my sources). + Tea is about 3% caffeine by dry weight. + Coffee is about 1-2% caffeine by dry weight. + Coffee by the cup generally contains more caffeine than tea by the cup because we use more coffee … Continue reading caffeine


month one

Telsaan is approaching its one month anniversary at the end of May. Perhaps it's a bit early to be posting a "month one" blog, but "week three" just doesn't sound quite right. This month has seen Telsaan's first Game Night (Fri, 5/15/15), menu version 1.2, a great article in the Mount Horeb Mail (many, many … Continue reading month one

latte macchiato

I've been experimenting with latte macchiatos lately. Last night's latte had beautiful layers, but there is no excuse for decaffeinated espresso, even if it's late at night. Never, ever, use decaf espresso. Today's latte ended up inverted with the espresso at the bottom. I couldn't help but pair the cute round jar with my cute … Continue reading latte macchiato