time off

I did some updates to my calendar recently, so here's a look at the time that I've scheduled off from now until the end of this year. Disclaimer: there's a potential for some changes, but I tried to make this list as accurate as I can. HOLIDAYS and CLOSURES: Labor Day: closed 2017 Sep 4 … Continue reading time off

rune reader at fall heritage festival

Professional Norse Gothi and Rune Reader known as "Fehu Runhraffnr" will be giving complimentary runic readings for the public at Telsaan tea shop during the Fall Heritage Festival this weekend. Sessions will be kept short, but clients are encouraged to ask questions of all sorts, from the realms of business and their futures, to questions … Continue reading rune reader at fall heritage festival


There are a bunch of events coming up in Mount Horeb! Here's my list for the near future. Also feel free to check out the Chamber of Commerce website, because we've got a pretty good chamber of commerce here. 12 Sept 2015 Sat - 13:00-17:00 - Thirsty Troll Brew Fest @ Grundahl Park $50 18 … Continue reading events