The Infrequency Vol. 1 Spring 2017

This is the first issue of my newspaper, The Infrequency. This is sponsored news, and slanted toward tea, but I promise that I did not make up any of this. Feel free to share.


new herbal blend

I made a new telsaan original herbal blend. Now it needs a name. It's citrusy and floral, and it fits in the same flavor scheme as Duchess Grey and Hibiscus Blend. Tell me if you'd like to be a taste tester and naming collaborator. - Erin


I went to Teavana today. $5 or a cup of tea? $179 for a tea kettle! $25 for 4oz herbal blend? Wtf? People buy this stuff??? Alright, I can see $25 for 4 oz (~125g) of something like silver needles white, maybe a dragon well green or a nice sencha, some Darjeeling teas... but this … Continue reading confession

cow & quince house blends

The Cow & Quince, a community supported restaurant (CSR) in New Glarus, WI, has collaborated with telsaan to create two custom house blends: a tea blend and a caffeine-free herbal blend. Both have been designed with the warm, bright, and wholesome atmosphere of the Cow & Quince in mind. The house tea blend has a … Continue reading cow & quince house blends


Heads up! There are some really great reasons to be in Mount Horeb, WI over the next two months. SPECIAL HOLIDAY EVENTS *** Hospitality Day - Sat Nov 14. Downtown Mount Horeb businesses would like to thank you with treats throughout the day. This is a great time to explore local Mount Horeb shops. *** … Continue reading holidays