Just an update so you know what's going on at Telsaan Tea. We're transitioning our food menu from walk-ins to exclusively catering and special events. The exact date for the final switch has not been determined, but it's soon. We've found over the last three years that we are able to provide our customers with … Continue reading catering


I made spice cookies today. Or test cookies. Whichever. It's the first batch that I've made for consumers. I've resisted doing any baking at telsaan for six months, but now I think that it will be good if I start moving away from sweets that are not made in-house. This first batch is not perfect, … Continue reading cookies

menu and reflection 

Menu 2.1 came out on Saturday. Not much changed. Mostly cosmetic changes were made so that the layout makes more sense. The Johnwich is an official item now. Chrysanthemum Couscous is still a hidden special. Combinations were removed; they weren't being used much. I'm horrified and delighted that I'm 30 years old, and Telsaan is … Continue reading menu and reflection¬†


I've been reading about caffeine lately. Here's what I've learned so far (sorry about not citing my sources). + Tea is about 3% caffeine by dry weight. + Coffee is about 1-2% caffeine by dry weight. + Coffee by the cup generally contains more caffeine than tea by the cup because we use more coffee … Continue reading caffeine