month one

Telsaan is approaching its one month anniversary at the end of May. Perhaps it's a bit early to be posting a "month one" blog, but "week three" just doesn't sound quite right. This month has seen Telsaan's first Game Night (Fri, 5/15/15), menu version 1.2, a great article in the Mount Horeb Mail (many, many … Continue reading month one

week one

In reviewing Telsaan's first week of business since opening on April 29, 2015, I have to say that I am ineffably grateful to a lot of people. More people than I can name, in fact. I am grateful to a number of people whom I have recently met, but I neglected to exchange names with … Continue reading week one


Lately, I've been receiving about one delivery of some sort each day. Another one arrived while I was typing this. It's exciting, like a holiday, but more expensive. If I had to drink all of this tea myself, it would last me into the next century. I love it! I ordered some exceptionally cute tea … Continue reading inventory

midwest foodservice expo

Last Wednesday I took a trip to the annual Midwest Foodservice Expo in Milwaukee, WI to pick out some suppliers. Food expos are always fun, and you never go hungry! I've got all of my suppliers lined up now. ┬áThank you to Cecile who came with me, asked relevant questions that I would never think … Continue reading midwest foodservice expo