hours and changes

I give up! Ten o'clock six days a week is killing me! Unlike most of the rest of the world, I don't get used to mornings; I get progressively worse. Over the last several months I've gone from being unreliably punctual in the morning to being flat out reliably, significantly late every single day, and … Continue reading hours and changes


I made spice cookies today. Or test cookies. Whichever. It's the first batch that I've made for consumers. I've resisted doing any baking at telsaan for six months, but now I think that it will be good if I start moving away from sweets that are not made in-house. This first batch is not perfect, … Continue reading cookies


I thought I had already posted thus, but I guess I didn't. Telsaan has wi-fi. As of, like, a week ago. The upside of needing car maintenance is that I've been getting rides to work this week. I've been early to work two days in a row! (Update: three days.) Yeah, don't expect that to … Continue reading wi-fi


I need to change my hours, buf I haven't worked out the details yet. Your input would be appreciated. These morning hours are not working out for me and I really can't keep up with working mornings six days a week. I'm tempted to try extending evening hours until 20:00 (8pm) Thu-Sat. But... I could … Continue reading hours


Fine. *sigh* I'll do it. I'll accept that food is part of Telsaan. But please don't expect fast food; this is still a one person shop, and loose leaf tea takes priority. Btw, menu version 2.0 is officially out as of this week. New additions: fruit bruschetta and variations on the Mediterranean tartine.