sidewalk cafe

I got my sidewalk tables out today! I'm so happy! There's still time for summer. ;) Iced tea, summer days, ahhh...


In June Telsaan had its second Game Night, its two month anniversary, the addition of Lapsang Souchong smokey black tea, Cherry Rose green tea, and Strawberry Bruschetta as a temporary menu special. July has so far had seven new additions to the shelves: Strawberry Kiwi herbal blend (awesome iced), decaf Earl Grey black tea (first … Continue reading happenings


Lately, I've been receiving about one delivery of some sort each day. Another one arrived while I was typing this. It's exciting, like a holiday, but more expensive. If I had to drink all of this tea myself, it would last me into the next century. I love it! I ordered some exceptionally cute tea … Continue reading inventory